Successful Homeschool Strategy Session

It’s time to create a homeschool and home environment that is: 

Calm, United, and Filled With Confidence

Let go of the fear that your child will

- have gaps in their education OR

- that you will ruin the strong bonds with your children that you want so badly! 

Learn the first steps for:

- setting up a home and homeschool environment that nourishes your family's minds and hearts

- establishing a clear lifestyle vision

- setting a solid foundation as you begin

- feeling sure that you are on the right path to true family and homeschool success! 

When your homeschool runs smoothly, your entire home life is going to be so much more joyful, more peaceful, and your family will thrive!

Imagine if….

You weren’t afraid you would leave gaps in the kids education.

You didn’t have to fight with your child to accomplish school work anymore.

You went to sleep in peace, with a plan to move your homeschool forward successfully.

You were present with your kids:

- playing games with them

- reading aloud to them

- or just being silly together…

Instead of yelling and feeling angry all the time, you are loving and strengthening the relationships you hold most dear?

Your outside-the-box learner is succeeding and reaching their God given highest potential?

You are no longer overwhelmed, and you know the curriculum you have chosen for your specific child, is appropriate for you and your child to learn best?

What is A Successful Homeschool Strategy Session?

It’s a FUN, but get-down-to-business, opportunity to create a homeschool journey you LOVE!

What you will get:

A 60 minute 1:1 mentorship session with Katie

In this private zoom call, we will get the big picture for what your home and family is currently like, and define what exactly what you envision your homeschool to be. We will then come up with a simple roadmap to begin confidently in establishing your homeschool. 

Full Replay and Session Notes

After our session together I will send you the replay of the call, and the notes that I took, so you do not have to worry about forgetting anything.


You will email me your progress and updates for the next two weeks after the session, so I can support you as you make the shifts into a more peaceful and joyous homeschool.

You will walk away from our session with the understanding of what makes a homeschool succeed, and a basic roadmap for getting set up without confusion or feelings of certain failure.

Are you ready to STOP worrying about regret or failure in your homeschooling, and start LOVING the journey?

You CAN choose to create a home that is filled with peace and safety, no matter how crazy the world outside gets. 

Our homes, homeschools, and relationships with our family are something we CAN make into a positive and beautiful testimony of God’s love for us in action.

Imagine when your kids are grown and coming home for Christmas. 

You hug them tightly at the door, each one coming home from a mission they love that God has called them to. 

The deep bond you built through the years is as strong as ever. 

You hear them discussing among themselves and laughing over the memories you made as a team during those rich homeschooling days you shared. Your heart is FULL.

The world will tell you that you there is only one way to educate and raise your children, but do not believe that lie. 

If you want to break free from the overwhelm and fear, and step into a homeschool life you will cherish for the rest of your life, I'm the mentor for you.

Hey Mamas,

I’m Katie, and I am honored to be here to support you. 

I remember the day a friend of mine said to me “It sounds like you spend each day in a panic attack.” I stopped in my tracks. 

I had just described my life challenges, how my heart rate wouldn’t settle, my breathing was fast, and all day I felt like I was spinning in circles trying to meet all the demands of family and home life. 

The overwhelm was real. 

I wasn’t having the joyous journey I thought I’d have as a Mom.


Living in a panic attack is NOT God’s design for motherhood, homeschooling, or for living life glorifying Him.

SO, I rolled up my sleeves, and got to work solving how to create a home and homeschool filled with love, peace, and deep rich learning.

Once I made the decision to change my home and homeschool, the panic attack lifestyle STOPPED, the laughter in our home increased, and the depth of learning that my children demonstrated knocked my socks off. 

Families were created to glorify the King, as an example of His love for us.

Grab your coffee, and let's go Mama. Let’s do this.

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